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Dust – Your Computer’s Worst Enemy

Posted On February 4, 2015 | Category: Hints and Tips

Computers are electro-mechanical devices that are easily susceptible to dust. Dust from the environment your computer is in can affect the overall performance of your PC, and can even end up doing physical damage to it. In most cases, we find that our clients tend to neglect the idea of cleaning their computer on a routine basis.

Here are a few of the ways dust can negatively impact your computer:

  • If you don’t protect your computer from dust it will eventually build up, clogging the fans and and causing overheating issues
  • The dust can also clog up the open areas of your computer's case which are meant for effective dissipation of the heat generated by your PC
  • The dust is bad for the performance of your computer because it is an insulator and can heat up internal components of your PC. This heat can cause extra resistance to the electrical components and they slow down eventually. Dust can block fan vents or if it’s deep enough, it may result in insulating the parts. This insulation will cause overheating.
  • Some dust particles are capable of conducting electricity and they can short out your computer. This may cause serious damage to your computer.
  • Dust will find its way into any part of your computer or laptop and can affect that part negatively. For example, dust can increase power consumption of PCs.

All of these problems could lead to costly replacements or repairs of computer parts.

Computer Cleaning-Best Way to Bring Back The Top Condition of Your PC

A computer that contains accumulated dust or debris may not run properly and computer cleaning is one of the preventive measures that will help you to reduce the harmful effects of dust on the performance of your PCs.

Computer cleaning refers to the physical cleaning of the interior and exterior of your computer and removal of dust and debris from power supplies, cooling fans and other hardware components. You must clean your PCs after a certain period of time like once in a week or at least in a month.

Thus, you need to check your computer or laptop for dirt and clogs because the proper maintenance and cleaning of your PCs will help you prevent from critical and costly failure.

Below are two photos we took of one of our customer's desktop computer. Notice the extreme difference between the before and after photos!

Before Dust Removal


After Dust Removal



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The FBI Moneypak Virus (Malware Removal)

Posted On February 2, 2015 | Category: Virus Removal

One of the latest (and scariest) forms of malware that has been spreading rapidly is referred to as FBI Ransomware or FBI Moneypak Virus. The "FBI Ransomware / Moneypak Virus" malware can secretly and maliciously get installed in the background of your operating system without your permission. Once it has been installed, the next time you boot up your computer, you will be completely blocked from accessing your operating system and any of your files. Instead of normally booting up, a window similar or identical to the window shown in the image to FBI Ransomware / Moneypak Virus / Malwarethe right of this page will pop up. You will not be able to close out of the window, and it will have a fake warning saying that you have violated one or more laws, (of course this is probably not true) and will "require" you have to pay a fine in order to unlock and be able to use your computer again.
The directions will tell you to purchase a Moneypak card and use the code to send them the money they are asking for.

An Important Note About The FBI Moneypak Virus

The FBI Moneypak Virus is a scam to get you to have to pay money in order to regain access to your PC. It is not made by the actual FBI and instead is made by malicious hackers in an attempt to scare you into sending them money before you get into trouble. Please note that you should never follow the instructions, pay any "fines or fees," or provide them with any payment or financial information!

Removal Of The FBI Moneypak Virus

At Rockland County Computer Services, we offer fast and affordable virus removal services. We have an extensive amount of experience with removing the FBI Moneypak Virus, malware and ransomware. Call us today at (845) 228-8226 and we will quickly have your computer up and running virus-free and with all of your files recovered and accessible.

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