Local and Cloud Data/File Backup Solutions

Local backup solutions and/or cloud based backup solutions are incredibly vital when you have important files on your computer. Even if you only have a handful of important files, it is incredibly important to have a backup solution so that you are not at risk of completely losing your data and having to deal with data recovery. If you value the documents, photos, music, videos, etc., on your computer, we highly suggest that you call us so that we can find a backup solution that best fits your needs.

Put yourself in this situation. You are using your computer and all of a sudden you get a random blue screen or error message and your computer shuts off. You decide to turn your computer back on, yet you soon come to realize that it will no longer boot and you cannot access the operating system or your files. You start to panic, knowing that you have important documents, family photos, your entire collection of music and so much more on your computer. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common issue for the high percentage of people that do not currently have a constant, automated backup of their computer.

Cloud Backup Solutions vs. Local Backup Solutions

Cloud Backup Advantages

  • Cost Effective - There is no backup hardware to purchase or maintain when using the cloud. You pay a monthly fee for software that handles everything
  • Lots Of Space - Some cloud backup solutions include unlimited space, and for those that do not, they are easily scalable if you need more space at any time
  • On-Site Catastrophe-Proof - In the event that there is a fire, flood or other unfortunate disaster at your home or office, your data will remain safely backed up on the cloud service's servers

Local Backup Advantages

  • Backup Speed - Backing up your data to a local storage device is much faster than backing up to cloud storage over the internet
  • Recovery Speed - In case your computer crashes and you need to recover your files, recovery is much faster from a local storage device. Downloading all of your files over the internet can take many hours, depending on how much data you have backed up
  • Security - Once your local storage device is unplugged, it is safe from hackers and any malicious attacks to your computer

Rockland County Computer Services is here to help you with all of your data backup needs. We can assist you in coming up with a backup solution fit your budget and computer configuration, therefore ensuring that data loss will not be an issue for you. Call us today at (845) 228-8226 and let us help find the perfect backup solution for you!